The Great Classic Doctor Who Rewatch

A little while ago on Mono I posed the following question:

A lot of the ‘classic’ Who passed me by. If I were to go back and watch, say, one episode (or one story) for each Doctor, what would people recommend? I’m thinking of something which sums up the character of each incarnation, or is the ‘best’ story for each one.

I received a number of helpful responses, and compiled the following list (adding the ‘x’ Doctors stories under my own steam, as I vaguely remember them being fun):

s01e01 An Unearthly Child

s05e37 The Tomb of the Cybermen

s07e54 Inferno
s08e57 The Claws of Axos
s10e65 The Three Doctors

s12e78 Genesis of the Daleks
s15e95 The Sun Makers
s17e105 City of Death

s20e126 Mawdryn Undead
s20e130 The Five Doctors
s21e136 Caves of Androzani

s22e140 Mark Of The Rani
s22e141 The Two Doctors
s22e143 Revelation of the Daleks

s23e144 The Mysterious Planet (ToaTL)
s23e145 Mindwarp (ToaTL)
s23e146 Terror of the Vervoids (ToaTL)
s23e147 The Ultimate Foe (ToaTL)

s25e152 Remembrance of the Daleks
s26e158 Curse of Fenric

I know that’s a lot of Colin. I’ll see how much of a will to live I have left
after the first few before embarking on Trial and make a decision then.

I’m going to post reviews here as I go.

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