Doctor Who S07E54 – Inferno

Ok, technical hitch resolved, we’re back to Inferno.  Straight off the bat I’d like to say, this is more like it.

Inferno fixes many of the problems present in Claws of Axos.  Or rather, I suppose, Claws breaks a lot of things that were present in Inferno.  Apart from one particularly poor scene we’ve dodged the ‘acid trip FX’ bullet, meaning that it’s actually watchable.

It’s a cracking little story, with a pretty exceptional “parallel universe” sub-plot that Star Trek owes a large debt of gratitude towards, and Nick Courtney is clearly having a lot of fun as “Brigade Leader.”  It’s a bit creaky in places, but from what I’ve watched so far this seems to be a bit of a theme of Classic Who generally; there’s a fair bit of padding in places where presumably they’re making the story fit the time slot.  But anyway.

Pertwee’s Doctor gets to stretch his legs a bit here, and it turns out he’s a bit more of a man of action; rooftop chases, fisticuffs, and all.  He’s also a smug, sarcastic, arrogant git, walking a fine line between cheeky and abnoxious.

Companion Liz Shaw is out of a different mould from Jo Grant, being that she’s actually vaguely useful and everything.  I’m told that she was pretty short lived as a companion; presumably, in the 70s having a female character with a brain was stretching the bounds of fiction too far even for Doctor Who.

Other than that, yeah, not a lot to add.  I suspect that these reviews are going to start getting shorter. (-:  Fun episode.

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